Your iPhone Will Soon Have These Awesome Health Features

Your iPhone Will Soon Have These Awesome Health Features

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Tech gurus and more casual fans alike drool over new technologically sophisticated products, so Apple’s periodic new-product announcements are eagerly awaited and come with considerable hoopla. However, news of new capabilities for the iPhone through the impending iOS 16 and Apple Watch OS9 generated the most headlines at this week’s WWDC. Most people who have sent regrettable messages are thrilled about the upcoming capability to edit and unsend SMS. However, the announcement that new iPhone features will make it simpler to lead a healthy lifestyle is slightly overshadowed by that information.

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1- Medications 

Woman holding pills on her hand.

You can manage your prescription drugs and dietary supplements with the new Medications tool. To ensure that you take your meds on time, you may create schedules and reminders. Additionally, you may import data from a prescription label by using the iPhone’s camera, and you can get notifications about potential medication interactions. The Health app also allows you to export your health data as a PDF that you can provide to your doctor.

2- Exercise


woman jogging along a trail

Even if you don’t have an Apple Watch, you can still download the Fitness app to your iPhone. You may establish a daily movement objective and then monitor your progress by keeping track of your workouts, steps, and distance. You may also tell your friends about your findings. You can monitor heart rate zones while working out with the Apple Watch. Running enthusiasts will have new options to monitor their training parameters, such as stride length, ground contact duration, and vertical oscillation. Swimmers can monitor their stroke effectiveness.

3- Afib History

heart rate

The Apple Watch now has an FDA-approved atrial fibrillation history function that lets you keep track of when your heart begins to display symptoms of AFib. You may assess whether additional elements, such as sleep, alcohol intake, and physical activity, may impact your heart rhythm and receive weekly reminders.

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4- Sleep Stages

woman sleeping peacefully in bed with her dog

More sophisticated sleep monitoring is another update to the Apple Watch. The iPhone’s Health app will be able to inform you whether you’re in REM, core, or deep sleep, how long you’ve been asleep, your heart rate, and your breathing rate thanks to the accelerometer and heart rate sensor in the watch.

5-When Are These Available?

woman playing a game on her cell while sitting on couch

New iPhone and Apple Watch updates are scheduled to be released in September. It will be available free of charge; All you need is to update your new Iphone

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